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Couples Relationship Health Assessment

This is a scientific-based process which provides a snapshot of how healthy your relationship is right now. Through this process you gain professional feedback, strategies and tools to help you grow and develop your relationship as a couple in a healthy and satisfying manner.

This is for all couples who want a current picture of their strengths and challenges as a couple, and some practical recommendations on how to start addressing these. 

What is included?

The full assessment and feedback process includes 4 x 50-minute consultations (either on Zoom or in-person) as well as completion of the Gottman Check-up Questionnaire online.​

  1. ​You and your partner will both separately complete the Gottman Connect Relationship Questionnaire online

  2. Together you will both attend a 50-minute consultation with Dr Karin to obtain your relationship history

  3. Individually you will each attend a 50-minute consultation with Dr Karin to obtain your personal history

  4. Together you will both attend a 50-minute feedback consultation during which we will discuss the current condition of your relationship, including strengths and challenges, and identify research-based tools and strategies to begin to help you address these. This includes a tailored action plan with a range of options for you to consider


The complete Relationship Health Assessment (including 4 x 50-minute consultations, Gottman Connect Questionnaire, personalised report, feedback and action plan recommendations) costs $950.00 (including GST).

This is a standalone package with no obligation or commitment to ongoing work together, although that is also an option.

Your Outcomes

  1. Have a much deeper understanding of both the strengths and challenges you have as a couple

  2. Have a greater understanding of what it takes to create a strong, healthy relationship based on Gottman’s research-based Sound Relationship framework - this includes in the areas of friendship and intimacy, sex and passion, conflict management, shared meaning, and trust and commitment

  3. Receive specific tools, strategies, ideas and resources to help you work towards creating the relationship you both want

  4. Receive a range of recommendations to help you address any of the challenges your relationship may be facing

  5. Receive a personalised report and presentation summarising your strengths and challenges as a couple, as well as an action plan with future recommendations

How do we get started?

  1. Email Dr Karin to register your interest or book a 15-min free consultation call with her to discuss the Relationship Health Assessment

  2. Complete payment and intake paperwork

  3. Dr Karin will send you both (separately) links to the Gottman Connect Relationship Questionnaire to be completed online

  4. Book and attend your four consultation sessions (email Dr Karin to book these).

Your tailored action plan with recommendations may include suggestions, such as:

  1. Specific tips and recommendations for you to apply

  2. Strategies or exercises to practice at home

  3. Accessing and using relationship apps/tools

  4. Reading books and blog articles

  5. Watching videos

  6. Listening to podcasts

  7. Attending a workshop

  8. Engaging in Dr Karin’s couple coaching program

  9. Engaging in couples counselling with Dr Karin or another counsellor

  10. Engaging in other Gottman Tools (e.g., Gottman Relationship Coach or Gottman Relationship Builder)

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel and/or reschedule your consultation appointment, please email at least 48 hours in advance, otherwise an additional appointment at your own cost will need to be booked.

Dr Karin is a Gottman Checkup Approved Member
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