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Specialising in Couples Counselling 

You might be travelling OK, but wonder if things can be even better? Investing in your relational health is one of the best things you can do for yourself. This is also true for couples seeking pre-marital counselling where Dr Karin can help you align your relational and life goals, and set your relationship up for success.

You might also be wondering what happened to your relationship?  Do you look at your partner and think, "I can’t remember the last time I felt a spark?" Do you feel as if you are living with a roommate instead of a lover? Are you constantly getting on each other’s nerves? If so, you are probably dealing with some level of dissatisfaction and disconnect in your relationship.

Some of the more common problems that arise when you feel this way are:

  • Feeling as if you are leading separate lives

  • Spending more time fighting than anything else

  • Little things that you used to think were cute now irritate you

  • Having very different ideas on how to spend your time

  • Avoiding spending time alone because you have nothing to say to each other

Dr Karin uses the Gottman Method to work with you re-establish the bond that you once had. These are some of the common issues she works with:

  • Frequent conflict and arguments

  • Poor communication

  • Emotionally distanced couples 

  • Specific problems such as sexual difficulties, infidelity, money, and parenting

You might be wondering if there is anything left saving in your relationship. If you are reading this then there is a part of you that wants to save your relationship!

Couple's counselling is the answer to squaring your relationship.

Dr Karin will not just sit back and listen to you, nor will she act as a referee. She is active, directive and involved in the sessions. Some people feel this approach to couples counselling is similar to 'coaching' which aims to optimise your relationship and can be as structured as you need. For other couples we need to go deeper into your emotional worlds and explore past issues and resentments. The Gottman Method approach is flexible and responsive to your needs as a couple. She will work with you to evaluate exactly what is keeping you stuck and outline steps for each of you to take in order to change so that you can both move toward the future you want. Success hinges on both people being willing to work on change from their side. She will work with you to feel connected, grow your love, feel heard and valued, and revive the spark.


Dr Karin will do a thorough assessment before devising a personalised counselling treatment plan for you. 

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