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What do our clients say?

About Dr Karin...

"She brought openness and clarity of purpose. I also liked how Dr Karin advocates for the health of the relationship and shows how this takes work from both parties"

"I really liked her warmth, non-judgmental approach and sense of humour. Dr Karin created a safe space that allowed us to open up and talk about how we were feeling, and also offered us candid feedback and celebrated the small wins with us"

"I liked how she got us to open up to each other"

"Dr Karin has a lovely, empathic and warm approach and was very able to facilitate high conflict sessions"

"I felt that the counselling was fair and equal for both parties"

"She is very warm, comprehensive and knowledgeable"

"I liked that she was such a calming presence, honest and open, reflective alongside us and went on a journey that allowed individuality as opposed to seeing us as merely "a couple"

"I liked her calm, her professional kindness and her preparation"

"I can see our future together now and we are so grateful that Karin helped us navigate through the times, from where I thought this was it, to where we are now. She was hugely instrumental in helping us save and grow our relationship"

"I found Karin to be accommodating and professional. She is easy to talk to and an extremely good listener"

"I liked the direct approach and always felt listened to"

"Our thanks to Dr Karin. I could not have imagined that my partner and I would be where we are today without your advice and guidance. It has made a big difference for us, for our sense of togetherness and for feeling more united as parents"


About the counselling...


"Counselling has provided us with lots of different ways to be more connected as well as giving us a regular way of ensuring we are on the right path through a lot of healing. I have noticed I have improved my self-confidence and let go of a lot of things from the past"


"I liked the idea of performing exercises as a couple. It helped me with self-reflection and to understand our relationship better, including things to avoid doing"

"The sessions have helped us find our path back together again. It was easier to communicate with a third party listening"

"It helped to reduce our negative lens and shift it to a more positive perspective on our relationship. Practical actions to take from each session to work on until the next appointment was helpful, and it allowed time for the work and new habits to develop"

"We now have better communication and fewer arguments"


"It helped by providing a safe space to discuss feelings, emotions and mediate the conversation between my partner and I. It also provided us with practical tools and frameworks to improve our relationship, communication, trust etc. Very thankful for Dr Karin's time and help. She has been an agent of my self development and personal growth"

"The individual report and diagnostic on opportunities of improvement was extremely helpful for us as a couple"

"It was very systematic in the way she assessed our situation and helped us accordingly. After each session we were given feedback and material to think over and work on"

"My confidence and awareness of self and recognition of behaviour patterns in me and others has been supported MASSIVELY by the sessions with Karin. It's meant I can trust myself and my instincts again, and I'm happier and safer than I have been in almost a decade"

"It helped us understand the challenges we had in our relationship and what we could do to repair and improve it"

"We liked the structured approach and that it gave us something to work on each week"

"She provided a good structure to the trauma of separating"


Dr Karin du Plessis Couples Counsellor

Dr Karin du Plessis

PhD (Psychology) MA (Psychology)

BA (Psychology) DipCouns, MACA,

Member of the College of Supervisors

Ascot Vale counselling room
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